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're going to have a video. >> my name is shirley cavara and work for oakland school district and early education and people come from san joaquin valley and my family is located in the area. the best thing about working here is meeting all the families, and connecting with the kids, and when it finally clicks to them "oh that's what that means". even if it's small steps with some kids it's a great feeling that you have made an accomplishment in their lives that they will remember, so here it started down at ice age and moved to second avenue because it got too big want there was a preschool there and out grew that area and we had three choice in oakland to have the child care center at and the parents chose this one and up in the hills and don't feel like you're in oakland and conducive to our setting and lifestyle as indian people, and a lot of our kids that graduated here are doing community work. they're out there working with their people so we have made a strong impact with kids and you don't think about it. you just do what you do and what comes natural in working with kids an
colorado , u >> un hombre se debate entre la vida y la muerte tras ser baleado en oakland >> tenemos las imágenes >> en una ceremonia privada el presidente barack obama fue juramentado en su segundo mandato, noticias univisión fin de semana comienza ya. >> es hora del noticiero univisión más premiado en la hora de la bahía, noticias univisión fin de semana. >> gracias por acompañarnos en noticias univisión fin de semana. comenzamos con la victoria del los 49ers, que dio la pasada al equipo al super bowl, las autoridades mantienen una fuerte vigilancia, te escuchamos con todos los detalles >> tan pronto terminó el partido, la policía desplegó un amplio operativo, en el distrito de la misión, los aficionados hablan por el pase al super bowl . >> andan todos en su carro, muchos tomando >> la celebración está por todos lados y tiene a las autoridades ocupadas >> las autoridades no quieren que se repitan los disturbios de cuando los giants ganaron el campeonato nacional >> estamos tratando de mantener el trafico fluido, y tenemos desplazados más de 100 agentes, ellos fueron arr
get a crash, they tend to be more serious. so far, so good. no major problems on the oakland freeway system either. when up get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see a light commute. it's not much of a commute today. b.a.r.t. is on a saturday schedule as you go through the system. if you are drivingen 0 the peninsula, it -- if you are driving on the peninsula, 880 looks good. take it easy out there. we don't have a lot of -- a lot of slow traffic right now. 7:09. let's go to steve. >>> thank you, sal. clear skies here. still an offshore breeze. that's land to see breeze which is why the coast has been nice. rather breezy to windy. today everything is good. inauguration forecast, it does call for chilly temperatures. inauguration. thank you. thank you. 30s for many. and then the 40s. dropping rapidly. but it looks mostly sunny. we have clear skies but two systems are going to purge. one pout of the gulf and one out of the southwest and they will start to bring -- one out of the gulf and one out of the southwest and they will start to bring more clouds than rain. a pattern change
mayors, oakland mayor gene quan and san francisco mayor ed lee. they're in washington, they're there for the u.s. conference of mayors. how much of this debate actually affects us at the local level? cities like oakland, where there were four homicides within six hours last friday? where the crime rate for serious crimes has climbed 23% in the last year alone? does it have that much of an impact at the local level? >> look, well, it does. i mean, these mayors met in washington, the u.s. conference of mayors and joe biden spoke to them this week. and, yeah, i mean, they are desperate to have something done. i think what i'm hearing from nancy pelosi and also ed lee and gene quan is they want to see law enforcement officials, sheriffs, police chiefs and police cops on the street. people who have more credibility. people who buy guns to protect the public, essentially, to be really front and center in this debate because they feel that those constituencies can be more effective in talking to republicans. i mean, let's face it, oakland, san francisco, all the bay area delegation
of detroit, martin luther king jr. came to oakland and talked about the riot that had hit some of america's inner cities and the conditions that led to them. >> i can't say this is the last, i wish it was the last. but i am not able to predict what will happen. i can only say that there is a great deal of frustration and bitterness and dispair in the negro community and often this leads to actions that is suicidal. people often say unconsciously i would rather be dead than ignored and we see many of these suicidal tendencies in riots and all that can be done is for our nation to move on aggressively to get rid of the intolerable conditions. we have to condemn riots but as we condemn them we must be just at forthright many condemning the conditions that bring them into being and condemning the congress of our nation which can spend $80 million a day to fight a war which i consider an unjust one in vietnam and yet cannot even or refuses to pass a $44 million bill to get rid of rats and the ghettos of our nation. i think the culprit must be pointed out and the culprit in this situation is no
-moon bay. 60s toward much of the east bay. 5 bay -- 65 in oakland. on wednesday there's a chance of showers. looks like things could get unsettled right in the next weekend. >>> thank you, lawrence and on this mlk day, traffic is nice and light. crosses the san mateo bridge, helding towards foster city and the peninsula out of hayward only a 13 minute drive are. westbound and eastbound moving at the limit. otherwise a live look at the nimitz. 880 near the oakland coliseum, 66 we have traffic camera there and northbound and southbound nice and quiet between downtown oakland and hayward. and other live traffic cameras, we are getting word of it this accident on northbound 208 approaching the 880 interchange. it sounds like a car went off the roadway, hit some trees, so one lane is blocked. i'll let you know if we start to see traffic stacking up on 238 or back to 580. it tends to bottleneck that area. traffic still super light and westbound 580, no brake lights coming through livermore. that's a check of your time saver traffic. >>> today the
in between cars this morning up and down the nimitz freeway between downtown oakland into hayward. oakland airport, no delay getting there. another accident on 880, northbound 880 approaching mallory. there's an accident reported. sounds like chp heading to the scene. elsewhere, mass transiting a lot is o on a holiday schedule, saturday or sunday schedule. b.a.r.t. on a saturday schedule. no delays. muni and ac transit. >>> here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. no delay between marin county and san francisco. that is a check of your time saver traffic and lawrence we've been love the spring like weather. >> it has been nice and i think you look like a surfer girl. >> with my straight hair today. >> your ugg,s that you always wear. we have a lot of sunshine coming our way. cold in the spots. mostly clear skies. we have a couple patches of fog showing up in the valleys and the north bay. you can see the clouds gathering a little bit closer now and weal see more in the middle of the week. for today, mild afternoon sunshine and it will
roberts. the oakland private ceremony. president obama has been sworn in for a second four- year term. supreme court chief justice john roberts administered the oath in a private ceremony.inside the blue room at the white house today. first lady michelle obama and daughters. malia and sasha were there to witness mister obama being sworn in. president time tomorrow. when he takes the oath of office at the >> four years ago temperatures were below freezing for tomorrow things will be warmer with low mid- 40s but it is going to be mostly cloudy. the chance for rain or shine o snow showers. however, beautiful weather this evening and more weather beautiful look for loss of sunshine once again. for martin luther king day and mid-60s. redwood city, we will sue low 60s inland. fairfield, antioch, livermore. san francisco getting into the low 60s. 60s in petaluma. 60s and also when oakland. with your kron 4 7 day around the bay to state, more sunshine and a few increasing high clouds. as of this system and the pacific gets closer but still mid-60s as a big cool start. the increasing cloud cov
francisco. >>> a fire in oakland forced dozens of residence in a senior care facility out of their home. it took crews about an hour to put the fire out and no one was injured. the fire did minor damage to the facility and no word on what caused the blaze. >>> another fire in east oakland in a cargo container. coming from 98th avenue and gold street at about 6:00 a.m. this morning. the cause of this fire is under investigation. >>> uc davis police arrested a researcher who was injured in a campus explosion after suspicion of possessing an explosive device and posessing fire arms on campus. >>> an independent review find the use of pepper spray during a protest was unacceptable. an officer sprayed the crowd three times and the report says williams used the pepper spray to break up the crowd, which is against the college's policy. whatever you're in the mood for, sizzler's endless salad bar has over 50 delicious choices. soups, salads, appetizers, and more starting at $8.99 for lunch. sizzler. where fresh is fun. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the sam
but still 67 downtown oakland and 72 in santa cruz so nice half-moon bay at 66. kind of a cooler pattern towards the end of the week. >>> one of those stories will not go away, some new developments in the phony girlfriend hoax. two big interviews tied to the notre dame football star manti te'o. >>> and we will have more on what a new state report says happens by the end of this year. >>> downtown traffic is moving well and i will have another look at your traffic straight ahead. ♪ ♪ i'm halfway to your heart ♪ you have to let me know ♪ so i don't make my worst mistake ♪ ♪ turn around and let you go [ female announcer ] when sweet and salty come together, the taste is irresistible. made with sweet, smooth peanut butter and salted, roasted peanuts. sweet and salty nut bars by nature valley. nature at its most delicious. . >>> 5:13, taliban claims attack, they stormed the headquarters about dawn time. that set off a deadly gun battle which lasted several hours. at one point the attackers set off explosives causing a fire. at least three attackers were killed and several police
and in oakland meters are not being enforced. we are looking at the maps this morning just to see the road sensors and it is not here or on the peninsular, it looks good as well. >>> still an offshore breeze for us, that means inn all racing forecast. we have it combed temperatures and automatic the precipitation will stay to the north and for us, the cold air if it is inland it will be where is it is very mild and a half moon bay 50s and low 30s in san rafael, napa airport 38 and that's because of an easterly breeze. system will hold off until tomorrow when we get increasing clouds and sunny mild to warm, offshore one more day and it will turn more westerly, more clouds and cooler than anything else. but our cloud rain forecast gives us more on tuesday and watch what happens as they try to payment them north. that will be the end result but it will be a lot of cloud tore. it looks good and by the coast near 60 degrees and capitoa and santa rosa 65, novato is in there, gilroy pushing 67. it looks cooler towards the end of the week. >>> time now 6:41, it is dr. martin luther king, jr. day a
smith in oakland has an initiative that is dealing with not just things like restoretive justice alone but positive behavioral interventions and supports. couple that with response to intervention, whole school reform strategies that work on transforming the way the school is functioning and in so doing making it a more positive culture for everybody. it brings in parental engagement in families and it has the very tough conversations, in the case of oakland i know for sure, around things like race with an african american male focus in that community because it's appropriate for that community, and the way all these things link together. so certainly bullying and harassment is an avenue into transforming the way schools work. just like discipline is an avenue into transforming the way schools work, as is standards and good assessments, it is how all these things fit together to ensure that students feel safe to learn but that what they are learning are the rigorous courses and skills and they are challenged enough to stay in school, graduate, and meet our president's goal we're goin
at the limit from san jose and santa clara. and here's a look at the nimitz, 880 near the oakland coliseum. and past washington, everything improves toward oakland and the macarthur maze. that's traffic, back to you. >>> there was a little football game played overt weekend. the 49ers -- over the weekend and the 49ers won it and will go to the super bowl. >> cate cauguiran is in san francisco. is the celebration still going on out there. >> reporter: well, i think people are kind of taking their break right now. once daylight heat -- hits you'll see the red and gold. i don't know if any parties could rival the spirit and celebration we saw with last night's win. the san francisco 49ers did come home last night, here they are arriving into the san jose's airport, and by the time they got back into the bay area, celebrations were in full swing. people were delirious with joy and in minutes of the win, super bowl t-shirts were on the streets. some of them were going for 20 bucks a pop. >> we got that. we're going to the super bowl. and the stingiest defen
in oakland and mountain view checking in at 48 degrees. the forecast for the next few days will go clear and cold overnight. a little bit of patchy fog. continued mild tomorrow and then you will notice changes as we head into the mid-week time frame. that is when we look for the return of some showers, cold tonight. frost likely in the north bay, east bay where temperatures there will get around the freezing mark or possibly below. near the peninsula as well as san francisco and oakland, look for temperatures in the mid 40s. 45 is expected low for san francisco. 37 in san jose. high pressure building us the dry spell. also mild temperatures. stays in place really for two more days. by tuesday night and wednesday, it will start to break down, push on towards the east. this first cold front here will move in and thicken our clouds by tuesday night and wednesday. possibly bring a few light showers. there is a storm system behind us and bring us likelihood of more rain as we head into saturday night and sunday. so enjoy the next couple of days sunny and mild conditions for monday and tuesday
people. there's a lot of things. as i drove down here from oakland cut -- oakland, i saw those cars in the ordinary lanes. one person per car. you have this one person with all this steel and plastic and oil. it is ridiculous. we're figuring out ways to do that. whether it is high speed rail or electric cars. the first will be rolling off the factory in treatments in the next few months -- in three months and in the next few months. yes, the innovative companies are small. the electric cars -- the tanks are small but so is fairchild or in tal or hewlett-packard -- intel or hewlett-packard or steve jobs. the seats we plant brings the vast forests of new products and new technologies and new patents in the future. that is where we have to -- we have to keep our eye on the main thought here. that is the discipline, the imagination, and the investment. that is what makes california -- that is why people are still coming here. they're not staying in colorado, i am sorry to say. they're right here. [applause] >> just briefly, setting aside plunder for a moment. >> i am sorry about plunder
in value lay oh, by blue and gold employee and is so successful are in the ala media oakland and harbor bay and the newest san francisco ferry service and the remaining eight are operate in the excursion business bay reuses, charters and our rocket boat we operate to tib bureau ron, angel island and our commuter ferry service to tib bureau ron and the 15 services are all maintained by blue and gold feet employees at our pier nine facility in san francisco. i don't believe this slide needs much explanation these are the public agencies who over see our operations as you can see, we get a lot of help. every from the port to fish and game and i believe we have a good relationship with all of the agencies since we abide and understand that each agency has a job do and performs a service to the public. blue and gold employs 250 employees during the peak season and one 75 employees year round, we have a diverse workforce and are proud of providing a an atmosphere for quloiys to reach their potential and we have a numerous employees that have started as photographers and have become captains an
headquarters in oakland. and then of course, eventually it will become part of the transit center when that opens. one of our major objectives as always to generate as much positive media coverage as we can. we work very closely with our pr consultants at singer associates in that regard. you see the accomplishments and milestones that generated coverage in 2012. we were able to get good storis in the chronicle, the examiner, the san francisco business times, the l.a.x. times, the sacramento bee, broadcast affiliates for nbc, cbs, ab, fox. and as i mentioned the mammoth tooth in particular did generate a lot of interest not just locally, but we got national coverage in the associated press, the boston globe, huffington press and the new york daily news n.2013 we'll of course be continuing our outreach activities and ongoing media outreach. some of the milestones that are upcoming that we'll have an opportunity to highlight include the construction of the third traffic bridge. the completion of the buttress work will be a significant milestone. and then the ongoing construction activity
a decision made by the oakland mayor's commission on persons with disabilities, to address the decline of both sanitary conditions and mechanical dysfunctions of the system-wide bart elevators the oakland commission in collaboration with the city of san francisco's mayor's disability council and the city of berkeley commission on disability is in the process of gathering information from all bart elevateor riders. we are asking participants to keep a log or journal of their bart elevator experiences. the log should include the following information: your name, and contact information. location of the elevator. dates and times of use. the condition of the elevator. was it satisfactory or unsatisfactory? and a brief description of your experience. please turn in your log or journal to myself, chip supanich at the following email address. i will spell it out slowly twice. chipsupanich@gmail.com. once again, chipsupanich@gmail.com. the deadline for reports is january 31st, 2013. are you still working on the bridge line? there we go. we'll move on to the next agenda item then. you may
high, 57 but instead, 64 in san jose. 60 in concord to 69 in oakland. however, it was 70 degrees in monterey bay. this is the scene looking out towards coit tower. tonight, overnight, still, subfreezing to the north in santa rosa. going to the east and throughout livermore. 37 degrees. check out pacifica in the low 40s into oakland. san jose right now, looking out towards the ratunda of city hall. there will be areas of frost overnight and then monday for the holiday. the high surf advisory remains in effect and we are looking at cooler and cloudy conditions by wednesday. this is the storm track. carrying low pressure up and over the dome of high pressure that is in western states at this time. leaving us with the above average temperatures for this time of the year. however, the air quality is beginning to improve due to that off shore wind kicking up at 10 to 15 miles an hour. this is the future cast. monitoring the days going by. tuesday night, overnight, seeing the saturation of the cloud cover. ed with, will be mostly -- wednesday will
. boy, it is getting cold, and oakland is checking in at tort 3 and 38 in livermore and 41 right now in los gat toes. we will keep it cold. frost is likely in the north bay. continued mild for your monday afternoon. your holiday tomorrow, and we will start to see some changes as we head to midweek and bring in a chance of isolated showers. all right. here are your lows. much of the bay area, the interior north and east bay locations slipping a little below the freezing mark. so that is why we will see the frost there. a little more moderate toward oakland and down the peninsula with temperatures in the mid to low 40s. the high pressure brought us a delightful weekend. it kept the storm track to the north of us. it will do it again for monday and tuesday. as we get into wednesday, all of this will push toward the east and break down. we have this little stationary front here. this is what will move in our direction. we will look for increasing clouds by tuesday afternoon and tuesday night. leading to a chance of scattered showers from the system as it kind of moves uh -- across the ba
. 60s through oakland and hayward. 60s through san jose, a and the satellite and radar showing this high-pressure in control. however, towards wednesday that could break down. with the possibility of showers. let me highlight some of these times by 1:00 a.m. mainly clouds for the north bay. as we put this clock into motion you can see by 4:00 a.m. some light rain reported near santa rosa. as recall for your morning commute. with your kron 4 7 day around the bay showers returning saturday and sunday. traffic building in the westbound direction but no accidents to report. the southbound 101 and no accidents, the drive is only 22 minutes. >> we are just hours away from president obama taking the oath of office outside the u.s. capitol. tory dunnan has the story. >> it is officially inauguration day on the west lawn it is said.et.. joe biden also did the same the constitution mandates that the start of the term on january 20th. however, longstanding to tradition is that it is also hold of the next day. >> you understood that this was not just about a campaign. this was not just abo
. connie davidson. i am from oakland, california. >> let me help you with the flag here. i have worked with this school and student teachers at this school. and so i work there and my daughter works at the school as the art teacher. so her children put this together to say congratulations to barack obama. >> you didn't come last time? >> no, i didn't. the day after the election and i was on my computer and i said if you don't go now you are never going to go. i made the reservations and called her and told her she was going. >> let me see what her response was since you got her the job she was going to go to this. tell us your name. >> my name is christine davidson. >> and your mom hooked me up. >> she's one of the best moms in the whole wide world tchlt she said do you want to come to washington? >> i mean do you see to go see barack obama? of course i want to come to washington. i don't have any money. she said don't worry about it. >> that's very nice. >> she's a good person. >> why is it important for you to be here? >> i am. with my mom and the kids i teach. it's important they kn
will happen going forward 67 in oakland 70 down by santa cruz and maybe some light rain wednesday but it will change and it could be a cold system droving in over the weekend. >> now the stage has been set for the 49ers. >> san francisco is headed to the super bowl for the first time since the 1990s. >>> and we are just three hours from president barack obama's second inn ago racing and we are live in d.c. and we will have a live report from our very own torii campbell coming up next.
fall -- only 21 in oakland maryland, and the lower 40's in southern maryland. if you're looking for the really cold air go to the north and west. zero at minneapolis. it will move our way and something we haven't seen much of. temperature change -- 25 to 30 degrees colde rin pittsburg and detroit. 12 below in minot, 9 degrees below in fargo. the cold air is away from us but outdoors, be prepared. high pressure builds -- to move through tomorrow. we may see a few flurries that won't add up to much. our temperatures are going to fall and i think this forecast model -- a little underestimated temperatures. we will see temperatures in the 20's. wind chill factors even colder than that. 28-35 degrees and we see some sunshine. definitely button up. 37-42 but temperatures will fall in the late afternoon -- highs will only be in the middle to upper 20's and wind chill factors in the teents, ands, and nightime lows in the mountains in the single digits. we are four years ago -- it was bitterly cold. wind chill factors in the teens. >> it is january. football weather. >> a lot of people c
: chicago. washington d.c.. oakland spinet per-capita data it is absolutely true those with the toughest gun control are the safest. >> can i interject? john: i just want to contradict how do explained stockton per capita and oakland among the highest murder rates in e nation? >> if you look at the entire jurisdiction that is what we talk about. you cannot look at individual cities. >> mr. leland yee can you name one single place in the united states where there was a mass shooting wear guns were allowed? if they were then why did we not see them at the gun show? you talk about places where there thousands of guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens. >> with columbine that did not stop those individuals from shooting and slaughtering individuals. just having a gun does not stop the other individuals. >> it absolutely will stop them. in texas we have several schools you mention note teachers or ministers would want to carry. we have several that already do carry. >> you'll always find one or two here and there. but overall teachers college you want to pack a gun? the answer resoundingly is n
earlier. calling in 64 degrees there. 66 in morgan hill. oakland up to 69 degrees. offshore breezes, the air warms up and drys out as it drops down in elevation. we see that going from the mid-60s in the hills, mid-70s as the air heads up to the beaches around santa cruz. 40s and 50s right now. possible for patchy frost tomorrow morning. winds now slightly offshore. later this week, as the onshore winds return, that's going to make the nights a little bit warmer but also bring in extra clouds which may bring a chance of showers wednesday for the north bay. we'll see a cool start to tomorrow morning. mild days to start the work week. wednesday you'll start to see some changes, bigger changes as we head towards next weekend. right now, the satellite view is quite dry. you saw the beautiful skies out there. gorgeous sunset, too. high pressure holds its ground next two days. not much change. you'll see the chilly mornings and nice pleasant afternoons. on wednesday we'll see a system that will put a dent in the ridge of high pressure. it will come glancing by the bay area. areas north of
, for martin luther king day also looking sunday with a repeat performance. if look for 66 degrees in oakland. here is a look your kron 4 7 day around the bay more sunshine on tuesday. after a cool start there is a storm are arriving on wednesday. partly cloudy skies and the chance for some light rain. the next chance of rainfall for next weekend >> the game was a mason, kaepernick was also amazing. the game was the amazing- the no. 1, 2013. super bowl, super bowl, i think that i was like 18 when it was steve young it was great to see it come back . >> take a look at this people also kaepernick ing... that is the hottest thing going, the jersey. generations also kissing the biceps also, the 'harbo wl'... coming up. >> police investigating yesterday's deadly bart shooting say the victim could have been an innocent we have the latest. the president's second term already underway. first inauguration oath today. plus the big party plans following his second! and. we bring you more of the as san francisco prepares to send the team to the super bowl! (male announcer) this is the bay area news stati
. there is no word yet on what caused the blaze. >>> another fire broke out a few hours later in east oakland this one in a cargo container. a huge plume of white smoke can be seen coming from 98 avenue and gold street at about 6:00 this morning. firefighters say a container and piles of debris were under fire. this fire too is under investigation tonight. >>> a uc davis researcher injured after an explosion today was arrested. he was charged with possessing materials with the intent to make a destructive device and possessing firearms on campus. authorities say he'll be booked into jail once he's released from the hospital. >>> an independent panel has found that using pepper spray on student protesters was inappropriate. last april about 100 students gathered outside a trustees meeting at a santa monica college to fight a proposed fee hike. the protest turned into a melee when an officer sprayed the crowd three times. friday's report says user pepper pray was against the college's policy. >>> a train ran off its tracks about 11:00 this morning. a total of five cars slipped off the tracks.
than average here is a preview 62 degrees, 60s in oakland, hayward. it is going to be a another nice day. and watching futurecast coming up in my next report. >> we are not tracking any hot spots but light traffic. still, there is an accident in the san leandro. the chp says that all lanes should be opened. traffic is still getting by without any problems. still, light traffic on this monday. >> 6:0 7:00 a.m. we will keep an eye on the ball the big story is the 49ers. let us hear more from the fans! memo we are fired up. >> what to do you think that this is a another victory for the forty-niners and the possibility. a family it is a great time to be in the area. [ lane ] are you growing old waiting for your wrinkle cream to work? neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair has the fastest retinol formula. to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just one week. neutrogena®. >> good morning we are keeping our eye on the weather. if you have the day off? it looks like it is a requirement. 31 degrees in napa is pretty chilly. released cold and tahoe fiord >> it is going to be gorgeous for ski
trust west in oakland. in these positions she advocated for public school students in california, focusing on achievement and opportunity gaps, improving can urriculum and instructional quality and ensuring quality education for everybody. she served as an advisor on education issues on a number of private ipbs institutions, she is a teacher, a lawyer, and a very influential voice on all policy matters. she was also passionate about ending this issue of bullying and bringing everyone together to stop this disturbing trend so please welcome assistant secretary for civil rights, ruslyn lee. as i said, our moderator is not always our lieutenant governor, of course he needs to introduction -- no, i get to say something. i get to say something. as everyone in this room knows, youngest mayor in 100 years, right? youngest mayor in 100 years when he was elected 10 years ago and he has remained an effective and visionary leader for everyone. mayor newsom gained worldwide recognition when he granted marriage licenses to same sex couples in 2004. we all remember those moving pictures
anguish coast to north. it was 69 in oakland. these numbers are very similar to what you vex experienced yesterday. 64 degrees in san jose and 65 in santa rosa up from the average high of this time of the year, 257 degree -- 57 degrees. look out towards san francisco where it was 64. again, out for 57. now, 53 degrees. all right tumbling well into the 30s some freezing views in santa rosa as well as the trivalley. mid to upper 30s, they will encompass the side of santa clara and 33 degrees at nap. this is san jose by the way, looking at city hall with the clear skies. starry skies. we won't see semipros few. swells are eight to ten feet as we will have a cooler and cloudier forecast by midweek. first thing is first. area of the low pressure. look at the clouds continue to wrap around the ridge of storm tray. we'll continue to experiment a staggering weather pattern. pretty much what you have experienced yesterday as we did it today and again for the holiday and then on tuesday before we will start to see the changes. but count on future cast. and for you to know when they will increase a
and for a few years in oakland. for the last 12 years i have worked primarily as a real estate broker. i have quite a bit of experience with the appraisal process. i am a homeowner here in san francisco. that is in true; i have been a renter for the last two months; for the previous 15 years, an owner of single-family homes and a few condos and also the landlord. i understand all of those perspectives. i also was the president and secretary depending on the year of homeowners associations; i have been and adjunct professor; work with the san francisco ethics boards of the san francisco association of realtors. i have sat on the san francisco association of realtors arbitration board. i have chaired the forms committee for the san francisco association of realtors, the education committee and on the california association of realtors form and education committees. i work with vanguard properties, risk assessment. i reviewed the files. i have a special hand as assistant legal counsel, i have a special interest in the city of san francisco how we live, and living efficiently. i met my wife a
preservation design awards. it's currently at caltrans's headquarters in oakland, california. as you know the big topner 2012 was the find of the colombian mammoth that is current on "[stkpao-eu/] [stkpa*-eu/]. the transit center district plan was approved or adopted bit planning commission and approved by the brz. the transbay tower was approved and grant all the project entitlements. and we entered into a purchase agreement for sale of the property for $19 million. we expect closing to occur in march of this year, no later than april 1. parcel b also known as block 11a construction began on the ray cousin apartments which is 120 units supportive housing project by bridge and community [pao-erpb/]ships. it's a partnership with the mayor's office of housing and the redevelopment successor agency and we're very proud of that project because it's our first affordable physically supportive housing project that is under construction. blocks 6 and 7 the redevelopment successor agency developed 409 market-rate and 150 affordable housing units and they are currently finalizing negotiations on t
and oakland and other places. i have known gary for a long time. i am here really to address two issues that were raised by the appellant that i have noticed in my review of the documents. the notice provision, because that seems to be one. and the distinguish between 300' walking distance versus 300' radius and i believe that the appellant really confuses those two ris issues. with regard to notice, expresso subito used radio services, i believe is the same service used by department of public works and a lot of city services in determining how notice was provided. it is granted that apparently there were a couple of stores in a couple of locations that were not noticed in the original notice and i think part of the confusion was the front street versus california street address. and i believe it was royal exchange and potentially coffee close, et cetera. those two may not have gotten the original notice. however, the issue about notice and due process and as i face all the time in federal court, is whether the individuals that did not get original notice were harmed. whether they had
which is happening on december 15. there is a -- there will be a gun buy back in oakland and my organization and youth uprising are doing a program that day jointly of the gun buy back in san francisco will be held at the omega boys club on tennessee street. this is a billboard which will go up very shortly. we're going to do what we can to get some disbuns off the street. >> thank you. commissioner chan. >> good evening i am angela chan and at the manager attorney at the program and work on access and immigrant issues and worked on domestic violence issues and i am excited to be here tonight for this historic joint meeting. >> and i am sharing a seat with my colleague here. hello i am susie loftus and the chief operating center of wellness and a center in bay view designed to change outcomes to kids and looking at trauma violence. i was a produce cuter here in san francisco and i served as at the attorney general's office. we are raising three girls in the city. native san franciscan and i am happy we are brought together to shine a light on what we have done and what w
of there's an abused animal there is likely to be abuse in the family. >> in oakland, san jose, what they indicated to me was well, they don't have a formal policy such as what we have. that many feel good but they are scrambling around trying to figure it out. some of the questions i posted, hopefully that will spark interest in developing an lao project. >> i want to be a strong advocate for a cross agency training; i had the benefit, dr. rossi put this together -- training on domestic violence, cantonese and spanish. officer kathy wong was in my class along social service workers, 911 tech people. the cross training of people, cross disciplinary if possible. >> one of my goals is a streamlined the process; if we have a pool of authors that want to take the test and be certified, and increase the certification not only in chinese, spanish, russian but perhaps vietnamese, maybe we can get a test going in more regular basis to make it easier for the officers to take tests and be certified. >> commissioner turman. >> commissioner turman: perhaps you can give us sort of a q
general who, during the period of the worst conflict, went into chicago and oakland and so forth to try to bring peace and progress. peter, can you -- further down is peter edelman, a legislative assistant to senator robert kennedy. he was involved. lawrence, are you here? lawrence, a great civil rights leader, was the chairman of the mississippi freedom democratic party,, at a critical moment, ad he has never stopped keeping on, keeping on. let's talk about the past or let's talk about what do we do next? >> let's go to questions. we have a microphone. yes, sir? >> seems in retrospect the kind of eulogy for american liberalism, like an age that may never return, like looking at a -- the last shining of the sun before a period of decades of darkness. don't mean to be mellow dramatic here. you have not mentioned the word vietnam, and i'm always wondering, could american history have taken a different path that we wouldn't have come to the place we are today? >> why did you abandon my script and wing it? how could i forget about vietnam. my piece -- my thought on vietnam -- [inaudible con
kidnapped her in oakland that morning. both suspects were booked into the solano county jail. >>> in san leandro police are search for seven people after yesterday's deadly shootsing at the bay fair b.a.r.t. station. b.a.r.t. says two groups of people started shooting at each other yesterday afternoon. the man in his 40s who was killed we're told was an innocent bystander caught in the cross fire. a woman was also reporter by a bullet and taken to the hospital. investigators searched the neighborhood and found evidence at some homes nearby. but would not elaborate on xakly what they found. so far, only one arrest has been made. a 16-year-old boy detained shortly after the shooting. >>> health care leaders have been urging everyone to get flu shots for months, right? but it turns out that in california at least, only about 60% of health care workers have been vaccinated. that's according to the california department of public health. some in the industry think the shot should be required while others point out there are some good reasons not to get vaccinated. >> some people are allergic.
of oakland, california, to write and perform her work, called "change." our video is part of the newshour's "student reporting labs project," which builds high school video journalism programs. it was produced by media enterprise alliance, one of our partner sites in california. >> mmm, mmm, a change is going to come. two scores and ten years ago, our nation segregation swept aside like dirt. simply down a one way street. economic injustice persisted itself. days of peace have been last to ignorance, racism and guilt but america has been built as the dream. attracting different cultures to the scene as a theme for wealth reaching out from the pits of the ghetto. children attending school to be a lawyer some day. only to find out that they're being suppressed by the cost of a higher education that rules our nation. i'm screaming for a change finally. america needed a healthy heart for this drastic transplant to patch up the bumps and bruises and neglect and cruises of infinite failure. because down on my block, it's easier to bite into a bullet than a burger. because ammunition runs stray
readings. 28 in easton. they're chilly there. 19 in oakland. going to have subzero windchills in the mountains starting tonight with 35 here in d.c. going up to 44. it's quiet. it's monday. it's mlk day. inauguration day. lots of folks are off but there's so much you need to know if you're going to try to come into d.c. >>> it could take me all day long if i told you all the street closures and parking restrictions. a lot of restrictions to try to get into the district this morning. we have a long list for you on our website wusa9.com. but i also have new information for you for emergency alerts and notifications. you can text the word "inauguration" to triple 8, triple 7 when you're out this morning. so keep that in mind as well. that should be another good way to find out information. how to enter the national mall, constitution avenue at 7th, 9th and 12th. independence avenue at 7th and 12th. metro opened at 4:00 they're open till 2:00 tomorrow morning. these stations are closed. smithsonian, archives and mount vernon square and only if you're an inauguration ticket holder
for berkeley and oakland. 63 for downtown san francisco, 62 in san bruno. clear conditions will persist as high pressure remains in control for the next couple of days. big changes to talk about, the 7-day highlights the potential for some rain wednesday morning. most of that wet weather will stick north of the golden gate bridge. it has the potential to spread its way south. we'll return to the sunshine thursday and friday. saturday and sunday another storm is headed to our area. looks like widespread showers for most of the bay area for the latter half of the weekend. >> we're continuing to monitor very light conditions around the bay area. light enough at the bay bridge that we have no backup or delay. we have no hot spots right now. the westbound commute, you can see it's light and easy traffic here. at the san mateo bridge there is a report of a stall westbound at the high-rise, right has not lane is blocked there by a box truck with a flat tire. the right hand lane is blocked. we don't see a backup or delay. for the golden gate bridge ride, still a very light trip here whether northbound
more minutes in oakland area. >> abc news coverage of the presidential inaugura >>> live, from times square and washington, d.c., this is a special edition of "good morning america," with robin roberts and george stephanopoulos, the inauguration of president barack obama. >>> and look at that lovely mist in washington, d.c. today, on this magnificent inauguration morn. there is the view, looking out towards the washington monument from the capitol right there. the crowd is starting to gather. very happy crowd. maybe not as big as last time around. 800,000 accepted. you see the smiles on their faces as we celebrate the inauguration and martin luther king day. we say good morning, america. there's the martin luther king memorial right there. >> we're thinking of you, robin, watching at home, of course. the president being sworn in this morning. almost 50 years after dr. king delivered his "i have a dream." a realization of dr. king's speech incarnate. what a day it will be. we head back to times square, amy robach, lara and sam all in new york. good morning, guys. >> good morning. we'r
and livermore. mid-to-upper 30's around the bay explore and the south bay and low-to-upper 40's around oakland and san francisco. sunny and mild today. wet weather is possible on wednesday and a better chance of showers and snow showers on saturday and sunday. sue? >> an injury accident with six cars involved in an overturn on the shoulder. that is the only good news, southbound 880, so take extra caution this morning. a stall in the san mateo bridge high ride a truck is blocking the right lane. traffic is getting busy in the westbound direction. to the south bay, we have a jackknifed big rig just now cleared. the app sh >>> and you see the capitol right there, as our coverage of inauguration day 2013 continues. the president about to get in the motorcade in a few moments and head towards the capitol. as he's getting ready for that, let's go back out to the mall. bill weir is there. he was there four years ago. he's back there today, with a lot of people having fun. bill, are you there? >> sometimes, it's hard to hear in the middle of that. he can't hear us right now. again, you're looking, a
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